Reservation for one: Industry Kitchen

If you are in New York City and haven't already tried Industry Kitchen,  highly recommend making a reservation. I made a reservation a few weeks ago, while the holiday decorations still happen to be up and I was able to snag a seat at the window. Those views, if you can ask for a window seat.

70 South Street; at Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038

Industry Kitchen located on the East River, steps from South Street Seaport has stunning views of both the Brooklyn & Williamsburg Bridge as well the Brooklyn Skyline. There is ample outdoor seating for those warm summer nights along the river.

The Bar happened to be my absolute favorite part of the restaurant. Location on the opposite side of the dining room the bar has high tops, bar seating and even high top booths, which make watching those sporting events, even more comfortable. It's always a pleasure striking up a conversation with the bartender on quiet nights. It just so happened that there was one other party at the bar beside myself. Seat at the window and seat at the can't go wrong either way.

How magical does it look? I mean you can't go wrong with any drink. I had a glass of wine with my pizza, and then I tried a drink that even for me....was just too sweet.

 As you can see the ornaments were still out the decorations above the bar were an added touch. That "Almond Calm" included Tito's Vodka, Malibu Rum, Frangelico, chocolate & coconut milk. I still am unsure what called me to that, but something did. The other cocktails looked just as delicious and I will go back to try those out as well.

For one person the menu was a little overwhelming; however that didn't stop me from ordering an entire pizza pie. My eyes were bigger than my mouth, but I took the rest with me. I had planned to take it to work the next day, yet I came across a homeless man, and gave him the leftovers, which he seemed very grateful for.

The Burrata al Tartufi; a wood-fired pizza topped with Gruyere, baby arugula, toasted almonds (sensing a theme), truffle shavings, and Himalaya Sea Salt was perfect. I am a big fan of thin crust pizza and who knew adding "nuts" would be something I would enjoy. I do wish the Burrata was slightly larger; however once cut open spread among the pieces very well.

After I finished my meal I decided to stay a little longer and talk with the bartender in regards to the surrounding area. What bars I should hit up? Was there anything I needed to see as I don't often get to visit Lower Manhattan. He gave me some suggestions, and told me to come back when it's warmer and grab a seat outside.

I would highly recommend visiting Industry Kitchen. Looking to drop a pretty penny on food, Instagram worthy, check out there Guinness World Record 24K for $2,0000 dollars. Must be ordered 48 hours in advance.

What is the craziest pizza you ever ate?



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