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The New York Coffee Festival was an event I was so looking forward to attending. Not only because I would be with two of my colleagues, but I would get to sample and learn so much! The event took place Metropolitan Pavilion and when we arrived for our 3:30 time slot, the line was wrapped around the corner.

One of the cool things about the festival was 100% of the profits go to deliver clean water and sanitation in coffee producing communities. The partners were Project Waterfall and Charity:Water, both organizations I recommend checking out if you want to make an impact on the world we live in.

Coffee Cocktail Bar, say no more. We treated ourselves to a Mr. Black Nitro Espresso Martini ( Mr. Black Cold Brew Liquor, Grey Goose Vodka & Espresso) and a Spiked Ice Coffee ( Mr. Black, Spiced Coconut & Almond Milk Blend). My favorite was the Spiked Ice Coffee, as I felt the martini was very strong, but hey to each is own, right.

My go-to coffee is an Iced French Vanilla coffee with either Almond or Soy milk, so this festival was out of my comfort zone, which I was excited about. I was able to taste different combinations, learn more about the brewing process as well about the different regions from where the coffee comes from. A fun event with an educational component is always a treat and something I highly recommend others do as well.

If you read my post about the Vegandale Festival, you will see I dressed up as an Avocado. I asked the Variety Cold Brew to borrow his costume, but was turned down. All is well I got a photo with a few of my favorite people!

From Latte Art Live to the Coffee Masters and the Sensory Lab their was something for everyone to enjoy.

There were two floors of vendors and one floor had the Sensory Experience. The line was rather long, so we listened for a few minutes before venturing on.

Caramel Macchiato Spread is something you need to add to your pantry immediately. I am not kidding, when I tell you before I took the spoon with a taste out of my mouth, I asked..."Do you take credit" that the employees behind the table, my friends, and others all started laughing at me. Flat Brew, you out did yourselves with both spreads. Add to your toast or simply just enjoy a spoonful and you will be glad you did!

A few of my other favorite spots:

A few other photos from the day as well. If you have tried a new coffee and like me always order the same drink, I recommend you broaden your horizons. You won't know if you don't like it unless you try it. 

Take a friend for coffee next time and see what he or she orders and who knows maybe you will be inspired to try something different.

Tell me what your favorite coffee is?



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