Shop Local for the Holidays

The holidays present a  great opportunity to support local businesses by shopping there rather then the big box stores or online. Small Business Saturday, allows you to shop closer to home and avoid the large Black-Friday crowds. There are many reasons to shop locally.

How cute is that New Jersey, onesie? 
 In order to ensure that local businesses are around for years to come, they need the support of the locals, especially during the holiday season. Chances are if you love your neighborhood, it's because of the unique cafĂ©, original boutique, or the friendly owners of your favorite restaurant.

When you shop locally you will have access to gifts that have more meaning to the community. Items will be chosen by those who know the community, by locals who live and work there. Many of these one of a kind gifts, will have more significance then just another item you bought at a department store. 

Be sure to post, tweet or Instagram about your local new find as this will remind your friends and family of the great places to shop and dine locally. 

You can spend as little or as big as you want, and no matter what is will have  positive and lasting effect on the community. 

Some of my favorites places in New Jersey are:

There are so many other places as well to check out. Share your favorite local spots! 



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