Seville, Spain

It's time to push past the fear of traveling due to current events. You don't want to look back in 50+ years and say "Wow, I didn't travel because I was scared. How many amazing opportunities did I miss?"

I can say I was able to visit the Real Alcazar or the Seville Cathedral. I will share the photos, stories and memories with friends and family. From eating delicious food to touring some gorgeous historical sites, Seville was one of my favorite cities to visit during my recent trip to Spain.

This photo was taken outside of our hotel on the 2nd afternoon there! As a New Yorker who feels comfortable crossing streets, this was scarier then I expected it to be.

The Alcazar in Seville, or Royal Palace is absolutely beautiful. We had toured the Seville Cathedral first thing in the morning and it was recommended to visit the Alcazar next, however with the long lines we decided to come back later in the afternoon, closer to Siesta. It worked out better as the line was much shorter. The 15 Euros make this tour very worth it in my opinion. I made the comment that I would move in or decorate any space I call my own with gardens and Zellige.

As for the Cathedral none of the photos I took could do it any justice. If you check out professional photographer, Mikkel Paige her photos are outstanding and do it better justice.

These photos are from walking up the tower and some of my favorites overlooking the city. Where you take a photo, how you view it, or how someone else views it will always be different. There is something so magical happening through the lens.

I have so many more photos and stories to share on Seville. Stay tuned.

Do you have a favorite photo from a city you loved? 



  1. I totally agree with the first paragraph...let's not look back and realise we missed out on experiences because we were scared of what might happen, but probably never will!

    1. Thank you. Yes, no regrets for missing out on wonderful experiences!

  2. Beautiful photos! Seville is on the bucket list!

  3. all of those mosaics! so stunning!

    1. Seriously, they were stunning and inspired me in so many ways!

  4. Great post! I love all the beautiful architecture and definitely hope I can travel there one day :)

  5. I have dreamt of visiting Seville for a long time now. Your photos make me want to go all the more!

    1. Thank you! Yes I hope you make it there one day and I hope to visit again in the future.


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