Madrid through Photos

Madrid, you exceeded my expectations. Actually my entire trip to Spain was more then I ever visioned. I took over 3,000 photos in 11 days of traveling throughout the country. I penned pages on pages in my travel diary. Every church, every monument, every street corner there was something new and exciting. I took a break from social media to enjoy the sights. Soaking up every moment of this trip with my aunt was exactly what I wanted and needed. I found inspiration. I found a voice that had started to fade. I found myself smiling and laughing, while not caring what others thought. I found that being true to myself is all that matters and I am going to find my way even if it's taking longer than I expected.

Thank you, Spain for being beautiful and amazing!

Below are some photos from Madrid.

Royal Palace of Madrid
Due to our arrival taking place during their Bank Holiday our tour was cancelled and we were not able to visit the inside. I heard it was spectacular and look forward to going back and taking the tour. 

Love this Purple building outside the Royal Palace!

Geppetto, a cute toy store. 
The store was packed with adults and little kids alike all admiring the handcrafted detail of each wooden figurine. 

Museo del Jamon
The first thing my aunt recommended we find in Madrid, was the Museo del Jamon. I asked myself, is she serious and when we found it I knew exactly why. For the next week we ate Jamon on baguettes. Founded in August 1978 by two brothers, this place is now recognized for the Hams hanging from the ceilings. The cozy atmosphere, the impeccable service and delicious meats and cheeses draw thousands to the bar as well as the dining area. The reasonable prices and wonderful staff just make the place even more welcoming. I would highly recommend checking it out, the next time you find yourself in Madrid. Check them out on Facebook.

Hotel Catalonia Atocha 
 The view from our hotel's rooftop was completely breathtaking and I enjoyed having the quiet time to write in my travel diary while reflecting on the day's itinerary.

love the exterior of this restaurant

Cuesta de Moyano Book Market
This may be the cutest book market that I've seen. Outside El Retiro Park is this pedestrian walkway known as Cuesta de Moyano is lined with olden-day bookseller stalls. The majority of books were in Spanish with a few having some random English ones.

The park reminded me of Central Park, especially when we arrived at the Great Pond. Everyone was out and about as the weather was just perfect.

We also stopped by Palacio de Cristal, which happened to be under construction. A new exhibit was going to begin in the next few weeks. With the open and airy space you were able to dream what different events would look like.

After the park we walked over to the Madrid Atocha Railway Station. Home to the largest railway station in Madrid, it caters to both local travelers as well as the high speed trains to Barcelona, Seville and Valencia. The concourse is home to restaurants, shops and a 43,000 sq ft covered tropical garden housing turtles. Yep, you heard that right and you can see for yourself below.

Seafood Paella ( My favorite dish)

Vertical Garden
We finished our tour of Madrid at the Mueseo del Prado. El Greco had to be one of my favorite's in the museum and that night I went home and read more about him. This trip reminded me that we have some great museums in NYC and that I need to be more open to visiting them!

Next up I will recap Toledo.

Have you ever been to Spain? What was your favorite city? 



  1. Beautiful photos! Madrid is one place I haven't made it to yet but desperately want to go! #blogpostsaturday (

    1. It was beautiful. We went on a tour so only had a day and a half. I can't wait to go back and visit for longer!

  2. I love Madrid!!!! I lived there for 2 years and it took me a lot to finally leave. Great post, thanks for reminding me of my second home.

    1. You're welcome! I can totally understand why it would be hard to leave! Hope wherever you are now you are loving it!

  3. I want to go now just for the Gappetto store and the live wall!


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