My own worst critic, and loving myself anyway.....

How often do you celebrate the person you aspire to be? Are you always beating yourself up or focusing on where you failed? I tend to do the latter which I am sure many others out there do as well.

I am my own worst critic and I will be the first to admit it. Lately it has been pretty bad. I am trying really hard to work on that, especially since my 29th birthday is this week.

I am sitting here in Starbucks reflecting on the past. I should celebrate what I have accomplished. How can I when all I see is my current status: Unemployed, Broke, Stressed, and Anxious.

So what have I accomplished and what should I celebrate: Living on my own in NYC and Florida. Traveling alone in California. Graduating from Johnson & Wales University. Working hard at all of my jobs. These are all great accomplishments that friends and family tell me to embrace; however I can't see it because I am my OWN WORST CRITIC.

We need to be kinder to ourselves. My wish for my birthday this year, and yes I am sharing it out loud is that I am kinder to myself. I celebrate the good and let the bad just roll off my back. This is my way of holding myself accountable.

I would see such a change in my daily life if I decided that I would only Act, Speak, and Eat like I loved myself- despite the parts I don't always love. We all owe it to ourselves.

Loving yourself isn't something I have mastered and I am the first to admit that. I've done my fair share of telling fibs, OK lies and it pains me now to even write this. But in order to move forward I have to be honest. I am feeling a lot of emotions and at first I wasn't going to post this, but the more I thought deep down, the more I knew I had to. There is still so much soul-searching to do. So much that I can accomplish if I let myself and love myself. I will take it one day at a time. I have this feeling that I will feel lighter, more connected, and overall more enjoyable.

I hope you can be kinder to yourself and also to others. More importantly love yourself and everyday embrace it even the smallest feeling! Baby steps my friends!



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