Flipped A Switch

Last night I was watching the new show Strong airing on NBC. Produced by Sylvester Stallone and hosted by professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece the show is all about "Transformation." It was like an immediate switch went off in my head by the end of the 2 hour preview. Every persons transformation is different and we are constantly competing with ourselves. A switch went off in my head and whoa I wasn't expecting it. 

Have you ever stopped for a minute to listen to what you really want and see how you can form your own transformation. For me and I am sure I am not the only one, it's not about being skinny but more about being fit and being the best person I can be. We always talk about being the best person we can be yet we still sit there and compare ourselves and compete with others. 

10 women are paired up with 10 of the worlds best trainers, all who have different backgrounds to become the strongest in the competition. At first, I was super excited for the show and to see how each team would be different. The trainers offer there expertise and the women work to become stronger. The trainers also transform and you can witness it in the 2 hour special. It's not just about the women it's about the teams and both parties involved in the transformation. The series will run on Thursdays at 8pm and last night two teams already went home. If you haven't seen the show I recommend you check it out. My favorite pair thus far is team Orange! Let me know which team you are rooting for? 

For me, I am off to work on my own personal transformation. For the last few months I fell off the wagon. I'm back and ready to work on me. Take your inspiration, take your motivation and do something wonderful with it! 



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