Dating Diary:1

Happy Friday!

After a mini mental breakdown on Wednesday night I am happy today is Friday and looking forward to the weekend, if even the forecast calls for rain all weekend. Cuddling up with a good book, maybe catching a movie, and doing some returns on are my list for the weekend.

Oh the ventures of dating, how intimidating they can be. After telling friends and family I am ready to get out there and date I took to my online Match profile to do some serious edits of what I want and who I am looking for. I did the same with Tinder. And off I went.........

This week I managed to have two or maybe one date.

Date 1: After having to cancel last Sunday since I woke up with a 24 hour bug and Passover starting at the end of the week, this past Monday worked best. He left the decision making up to me, therefore I decided meeting for coffee at Starbucks in Princeton would be best. I arrived a little early to do some window shopping to calm my nerves, since that always does the trick. We had been speaking for two weeks before meeting so I had an idea of what he would be like. He purchased our drinks, we found some comfortable couches and got straight to talking about everything. HOLY GUACAMOLE was I overwhelmed. For every question he asked I answered and it was more of an interrogation then a conversation. Is this dating? Am I doing this right? Oh I don't know what I am doing. All thoughts running through my head. Yet, two hours later I looked down at my phone and noticed it was later than I expected. We or maybe I called it a night. He walked me halfway to my car ( is that normal) and we shook hands. Again is that the right way to end a date?

Grade: B. 
For my first date in over two years I would give this a B. I am testing the waters I guess. P.S. I haven't heard back from him since Monday.

Date 2: Talking for about a week we decided to meet locally for a drink on Wednesday night. I arrived at the restaurant and waited outside for about 10 minutes before moving inside to the bar. It was getting chilly outside and I was over just standing there looking around. Sent him a text letting him know. ( No Response) Another 10 minutes passed and I figured I was being stood up. Well that was just plain awkward and rude if you ask me. I decided to head home to a glass of wine and some leftover Matzoh Balls. As of today I still have not heard from him and his Match profile has been deleted or I am blocked. Either way it was time to move one. Thanks to my sister and some wonderful girlfriends for letting me vent.

Grade: F
On his part and only his part. It's his loss.

Oh the joys of online dating. I have told friends I am open to blind dates as well. I wonder what my mom would say if she was here and I was sharing my stories. Will continue to share my journey!



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