Online vs Face-To-Face

In two important areas of my life currently this is the everyday battle I continue to think about and deal with. Online dating and online job applications. Both of which I am told would be more successful if I had face-to-face conversations. Is this true? What are you thoughts? I am interested to know?

Friends and family have shared success stories from online dating to marriages. Others have been cat-fished.

I have heard of success stories from candidates that applied for a job online and then proceeded to interview and be offered the position. Know contacts known, doors opened, etc.

What works for some may not work for others; however having an open mind is something that we should all strive for. I know sometimes for me I am discouraged one day and another my inbox is full of likes, winks, and sometimes messages.

My email box this week was full of rejection emails most likely because my resume didn't pass through ATS. And then there was one response for a phone interview today for a job that really excites me. Remember it only takes one to say yes. Kiss plenty of frogs until you find your prince charming. Fill out plenty of applications until you hear back. Network with your connections and hopefully someone will set you up for an interview.

I was recently talking in depth with a friend who I haven't seen or spoken to in a while and he mentioned that in some ways, cat-fishing and ATS are similar. I asked how, I was confused by his statement. The conversation went on explaining that you fabricate who you are on dating sites, Facebook, etc and that the same can go when creating a resume for a certain job just to beat the ATS system. You have now fooled the person on the other end in both situations. After talking more about it I realized he had a point. I hadn't looked at the situation like he had. I hadn't experienced things he has over the past few years. What I did learn was we have something to offer and if we are true to ourselves it will shine through in both areas of life, dating and job search.

I do believe there are so many benefits to social media, online dating, and networking; however I also know that a Face-To-Face conversation is just as important and sometimes even more. Put down the phone. Shut off the computer. Meet for coffee or a craft beer. Say hi to the barista serving you your morning beverage.

You don't have to get drunk. You do have to have a conversation. 

What are your thoughts?



  1. I do need to talk to people more, but I'm an introverted person and usually have to talk to people all day at work, so sometimes I'm just like...I need to NOT talk to people when I'm getting coffee or whatever, haha. But you're so right. And I'm always down for coffee and/or craft beer :)

    Keep writing - loving your blog!


    1. Kara, thank you so much for your kind words. This little space of mine has kept me sane through these last few months of unemployment and so much going on. Now that I started I have no desire to stop anytime soon. Have a great weekend!


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