Let's Talk.....Wonderful Weekend!

My weekend may have started on Thursday, as my dad was off for Purim, yes you get the Jewish Holidays off when you work the company he is employed at. My dad, sister and I enjoyed a quick lunch followed by an afternoon of bowling. It was so great to spend time catching up and getting our a** kicked by him. Let's just say I never broke 100. The highest I came was 79. I am not, nor will I ever be good at bowling.

These are my people and I am so very lucky! Hopefully our next activity together is more of a hike or maybe rafting. Ask my sister and she will never step foot in one. A story for another day.

Next up was a weekend filled with friends, brunch, and what I thought was one birthday celebration, except the surprise was on me for another birthday celebration a few days early! Friday night after arriving in NYC it was off to Lips, the ultimate in Drag Dining! If you know me I am up for anything and this was exactly the night out I needed! Filled with laughter, drinks, drags, and great company. I even made a friend, Don the birthday boy next to us! He was celebrating 51 while I am celebrating 29 on April 7th! My friend Helena and her mom, decided it would be a great early birthday celebration and they were right! Surprise!!!! Ginger, our waitress was a comedy act!

We crashed on Long Island for a few hours before round two of celebrations. This time we headed across the bridge to New Jersey to celebrate our twin friends 30th Birthday at Tiffany's. We all grew up together and went to sleep-away camp.  Since we were headed back to LI that night it was more low key! Good thing after the previous night's crazy antics. The only photo I took was of my bright pink lips and that was even out my comfort zone. So many comments, I guess I should add makeup to my routine a little more here and there.

This weekend reminded me that friends are always going to be there and love you for you. We all deserve a good weekend out here and there. I came home feeling exhausted, so much so that I drove to Target only to remember that it was Easter and they were closed. #Adulting #NeededRazors.

Ended the weekend with FaceTime with the lady below asking me to be a bridesmaid!! Of course I said yes!! She helped me survive living in Florida and is a wealth of life advice!

How was your weekend?



  1. This sounds like such a fun weekend!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

    1. Hi Lauren,

      Yes, it was such a great weekend! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



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