Random Acts Of Kindess

I believe that we all have it in us to be a better person. We are here to make an impact on each other and on the world. You don't have to find a cure for cancer. Even the smallest acts of kindness can make a change.

From an early age I was taught that I didn't have to be rich and donate money to make a difference. Yes researchers rely on donations and here and there I will make a contribution or fundraise for an organization close to my heart. More importantly and as of late I have decided to add more "Random Acts of Kindness" into my days. 

I want to share with you a list and I want to hear your ideas and suggestions. Share them please! 

1) Send letters to residents of a senior living center. I like to send where my grandmother currently lives about once a month. I choose 2-3 random residents. 

2) Send an email compliment to a colleague. You never know the day they may be having and the smallest compliment can make a large impact. 

3) Give a cold water bottle to your mailman or garbage men in the summer. ( I once got asked out by the garbage guy) 

4) When sent flowers I usually bring them to a nurses station at a local hospital. I love flowers so don't get me wrong but the smile on a nurses face is priceless. 

5) Donate your old clothes, or clean blankets and sheets to your local homeless shelter. 

6) Offer to watch a friends baby for an hour so they can take a shower or just have some alone time. 

7) When making a purchase on Amazon, use Amazon Smile. It takes 20 seconds to read how to set up an account. 

8) If your in a major city swipe your metro card for the person behind you! 

9) Put a surprise note in your spouse, child, sibling or roommates lunch bag.

10) Share an old photo with people in it and write a memory on the back. 

11) Always have a spare umbrella in your car or at your office so when it rains you can lend it out to a co-worker or even a stranger in your building. If they don't bring it back bring another one for next time. 

12) If you wash your own car at home offer to wash a neighbors right after. 

13) Hold the door open every time you walk in or out. 

14) Say "Thank You" 

15) Offer to walk a dog of a friend or family member that is feeling ill. 

16) Give someone the benefit of the doubt. 

17) Invite someone to dinner. Not only do you get a conversation you also get to show off some skills you may not always get to use or show to others. 

18) Save your soda tabs and donate them to Ronald McDonald House. I have been doing this since I was 12 years old and still do it to this day. 

19) Help a mother with a stroller in a shopping center. 

20) Give someone a hug. 

These are just a few of the acts I try to do. So share with me an act or two you have done or want to do. And remember everyone has a story. No judgment. Be nice.