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Talking, it's what I do, constantly. Ask my family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else who knows me well. I have mentioned this before, the name behind this blog is because I, tend to talk loud and too much, yet that does not stop me and I don't know if it ever will. You see, we all have a voice, and one we need to use it, especially today. 

Use your voice to speak out loud on social media, to vote in the upcoming election, and to have those uncomfortable, but necessary conversations with family and friends at the dinner table. Social media can be a powerful tool, especially when used for good. When you are out there voting or mailing in an absentee ballot, make sure you are also educating yourself on a local level, as those officials are just as important. Learn more about your town, local officials, and what they are doing to better the community you live in. I have been reading and educating myself about New Jersey, the state I live in along with my local town. Allow yourself to be corrected by your Black friends when you misspeak, I know in the past few weeks, I have and I am grateful for being called out on my mistakes. We need to use that everyday we move forward. 

Take one thing you are passionate about and for the rest of the month of June, do some research, learn and then share with others. You don't have to teach them, just share something that you have learned or that interested you, and you think will be of interest to them. You can also you use your voice to donate to organizations that you strongly believe in. Yes, I am aware we are in the middle of a pandemic, and making a monetary donation may not be possible, but you can still share it with others, who may one find the organization impactful and two have the funds to make a contribution. Personally, I made a donation  to the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund and am looking to make a smaller donation to a local organizations in New Jersey that are making a difference in the community. This week I will be making a donation to KYDS ( Konscious Youth Development & Services) which is founded by Rodney Salomon & Mychal Mills. I attended high school with Rodney and a few years later found myself in a Yoga class with him, when I learned out this wonderful organization he co-founded. Through holistic practices, they bring balance to the mind, body and soul, of our youth. Check out what they are doing on Instagram

As you continue to use your voice, make sure that you continue to also learn and listen. 

I see you. I hear you. I support you. I stand with Black Lives because they matter. 

Share something with us now. 



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