Through the Lens

My recent quarantine purchases included a new MacBook Pro and a Canon EOS M5. I can't remember a time when I was not around a camera. Growing up, my father was always taking photos despite protest, because that is what my mother wanted. Today I am so thankful for those boxes of photos, frames along the walls, and albums including my first year. In middle school I was gifted a digital camera and I remember taking photos of everything, including ice cream which I still can't figure out why. In high school I was part of the Yearbook staff, something to this day I still remember fondly. I had a camera in my backpack for when that shot just stood out to me. I dropped the hobby in college to focus on my studies, creating friendships and building memories. 

It wasn't until I was working at B&H Photo for a few years, that I picked up that hobby again after a few conversations with my friend and colleague. I got a crash course in what I needed to know to go out and take photos, especially of the beach, nature and the woods, because that is where I felt most comfortable. Z if you are reading this, thanks for those lessons. 

My first DSLR came with me everywhere. My bag had my wallet, cellphone, chapstick and DSLR. I just took pictures in the moment that inspired me. After a while I left and moved away. The camera came with me but again, the passion fizzled out. When I moved back home a few years ago I made a promise to myself, that I would take the camera on amazing adventures, from my backyard to around the world. 

The camera came on some great trips, but I never really felt connected to the camera again. That is until recently when I stopped on the side of a narrow road, a sunset like I had never seen before, that I knew I wanted to capture. It was in that moment a few weeks ago, that I came up with the idea for a new series that I want to work on as a hobby, a passion project if you will. 

Through the Lens is going to be my writing attached to one photo everyday that I take. I am teaching myself once again, all about my new camera. Let my creative juices flow. Spend time doing something that I enjoy. 

Share one of your favorite hobbies. 



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