Looking at you 2020!

We are 6 days into 2020 and I am having trouble wrapping my head around that. Just looking at my schedule for the next few weeks, there is so much going on. I am hoping to take a few days off from work in February to really prioritize a few things; doctors appointments, meeting with a financial planner, and spending time with family and friends in a warm weather destination. The other big thing I am planning in the next month, is de-cluttering my home. A fresh and clean start to 2020 is exactly what my mind and body need. 

The photo above was a recent Instagram post which you can see here. I am not one to put my face all over my Instagram, yet when I post those photos they get the best engagement, so in 2020 I plan to post more of that. 

Yesterday the No Hate, No Fear Solidarity March took place in NYC and I was at work, watching from the sidelines, as thousands of people marched to support the Jewish Community. I am and have always been proud of my Jewish upbringing and life. I want to be more involved events especially in New York and home in New Jersey. 

I can't remember last time I took a yoga class, went to the gym or participated in any exercise. That is going to change. Even just more walking, getting moving at work and planning out exercises and placing them in my planner. 

Finally I want to get more comfortable in the kitchen. Cooking has always been my downfall, and this year I want to teach myself simple meals I can eat and take to work the next day for lunch. I am not planning a five-course meal anytime soon, but simple dishes I can enjoy. I asked for an Air Fryer for the holidays and looking forward to using it. 

But the most important thing for me in 2020 is to be honest with myself everyday. To not care about what others think of me. To really learn to love myself. Letting go of the past decade and moving forward one step at a time.....that is what 2020 is all about for me. 

What are you looking forward to this year? 



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