A few words on Loss

It’s incomprehensible times like this that make our lives feel so precious and so fragile. People around the world are sharing their feelings over the devastating loss of Kobe Bryant. The 8 other lives that were so tragically lost in the helicopter crash yesterday are also on peoples mind. However when it is a celebrity, that you may never have met, yet who left such a large legacy, more people open up and share. 

I share these two Kobe Bryant Quotes, because I have been thinking about them a lot over the last 24 hours since the new broke. I know all too well, the loss of a parent. His daughter's, the grief they are about to face. The emotions that will overcome them. The moments where everything feels normal and it take a small thing for that to change. At some point we have all been faced with losing someone.  

We choose how we live each and everyday. We need stop taking things for granted and live each moment, because you never know when it could be your last. Find the positive even in the smallest things and moments.

You may never know who you are inspiring. Whether it is one person or thousands of people go out there and share. Do what you love, share what you love....most of all tell the ones who matter to you, how much you love them!

As I got into my sisters car today, I looked at the pin of our mom she hangs from her rear view mirror for a solid minute, as Higher Love, by Kygo came on, and I lost it. Uncontrollable tears that I didn't know in that moment I needed to release. 

What is your favorite quote from Kobe Bryant or anyone for that matter? 



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