Fall Bucket List

Fall is without a doubt my favorite season, especially in New York and the Northeast for that matter. Labor Day weekend was this past weekend, which means we have officially closed out Summer 2019. I made it to the beach once, this whole summer. I did a few fun things, but mostly worked and rested when I wasn't working like a mad woman. 

I'm looking forward to Fall and hoping to check some things off my bucket list. I made a promise to myself that my two days off "weekend" I will take full advantage of them before winter hits. 

I am ready for campfires, sweater weather and fall foliage to name a few!

1. Make S'mores by campfire and come up with creative fillings. 

2. Visit a farmer's market and purchase ingredients to make a full meal for one!

3. Take photos of the changing colors of the leaves. 

4. Brunch at two new places not in New Jersey or New York City. 

5. Take a road trip. Explore a new area like when I went to Hudson, NY

6. Bake a pie from scratch. 

7. Spend an afternoon/evening wandering around Central Park.

8. Attend two Food events. 

9. Attend a Fall Festival. 

10. Go Pumpkin picking. 

Now it's your turn. What is on your fall bucket list? 



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