Visiting Hudson Yards in New York City

Have you visited Hudson Yards yet? What are you waiting for? I found the perfect time, when the crowds were minimal, the construction crew was on their break and the sun was shining down before thunderstorms rolled in. 

What do you need to know when visiting Hudson Yards? Bring your camera. Bring a journal. On Tuesdays & Wednesday bring your appetite and stop by Smorgasburg next door. Every other day of the week bring your appetite to try the awesome food spots inside. There are lines and crowds so go on off times, or get there early. Book a ticket in advance, or take the risk and hope one is available day of. 

The Vessel, meant to be climbed and explored was created by Thomas Heatherwick and the Heatherwick Studio. I recommend booking a ticket in advance, however if you are a risk taker, like myself hope that one is available when you arrive. The Vessel is open Monday through Sunday from 10am-9pm. 

You don't want to leave without photos of this unique building in New York City, an urban jungle! Even with an overcast that building is a work of art and so very cool to experience. 

Once you are done, head into Hudson Yards to do some shopping and eating, or better yet, both! There are so many cool events happening that you can check out, along with visiting Snark Park and The Shed. From Neiman Marcus to any of the 25 restaurants Hudson Yards will delight everyone!

Smorgasburg Hudson Yards is only open Tuesday & Wednesday from 11am-7pm through August 13th. Don't just walk, run over there after you have explored The Vessel & Hudson Yards. With just six vendors you can actually sample something from everyone if you are with a group. I was by myself, my favorite way to travel, so I stopped by Bona Bona Ice Cream since it was rather hot outside. 

B-Dough (Brownie & Cookie Dough Ice Cream)

There is nothing better than getting out and exploring a new area in my home city. Do you ever visit an area in your home city you have never been before? I highly recommend it! 



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