Friday Food Finds vol 3

Happy Friday, friends! I am looking forward to one of my closest friends Bridal Shower this weekend, as well as Pizza & Beers, Cinco De Mayo and the Kentucky Derby. I see a weekend of Margaritas, Bourbon, Pizza, Beers and all the good eats! What fun plans do you have this weekend, share them in the comments below or on Instagram!

Avocado Toast from Moxy New York Downtown

If you haven't yet tried, Momofuku you need to, especially since it is now run by a 29 year old woman! Talk about empowerment!

Ever attend a power lunch, well here is NYC's best according to true elites. I will say, there is something powerful about closing a deal over a juice from local juice bar!

JFK's TWA hotel, now is adding a food hall I can't wait!

I'm very much looking forward to Cinco De Mayo, see how Mexican Chef's react to Americans' take on the holiday.

Seattle Food Crawls, "an exciting culinary tour, through this vibrant city" a book by Grubbin' Seattle.

Now it's your turn. Share something exciting you are doing this weekend!



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