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I turned 32 last weekend and took myself on an overnight getaway to Atlantic City. I work full time in the hospitality industry in New York City and blog just for fun. I take photos on both my Canon Rebel XTi as well my iPhone. Photos of food, of my travels, of street art, and really of anything that inspires me and motivates me to be a better person. 

Some days, when my anxiety is at an all time high level, I like to scroll through my photos on my phone to remind myself of the good times. With that said, here a few photos from the past few months. 

My sister and I took a trip to Texas in February, visiting Austin which was a vibrant and fun city. It was our first trip alone as sisters and I loved every minute of that adventure with her. Check out some of my favorite spots and wall murals

I recently spotted this bench in a local Home Sense and was immediately transported back to my trip to Spain two years ago around this time with my Aunt as a 30th birthday present. She loves tiles so much that I immediately sent her this pic in a text. It's the little things in life that mean the most sometimes. 

Have you heard of Jamie Varon? I don't remember how I recently found her on Instagram, but I have been hanging on to her every word lately. Her Friday Letters and Insta-Stories are amazing. In one story she talks about how taking MORE photos of yourself impact body image in a positive way. I realize not everyone believes that, but the more I look at photos of myself the more I do. I will not hide behind the camera every time now. 

A few weeks ago it was in the high 70's so I headed to Asbury Park for a beach day. You think I'm crazy, it's too early...but summer is around the corner and I can't wait. Can't wait for summers at Wonder Bar and if you find yourself at the Jersey Shore with a puppy or dog, check out their Yappy Hour!  

I prefer a rooftop bar, but the Asbury Hotel Bar is always a fun place to grab a drink at. The hotel's lobby has pool tables, antique arcade games, and a hip bar! Check it out the next time you are in the area. 

Speaking of booze, I had this Spiked Campfire S'mores Milkshake on my birthday at Sugar Factory in the Hard Rock Hotel in Atlantic City. The whole trip was wonderful but my sweet tooth enjoyed this birthday milkshake! 

The Steel Pier, buzzing with kids and adults alike was so much fun. As an adult we get bogged down with responsibility and forget to let loose sometimes. I was a kid all over again going on the Ferris Wheel, playing the games, and riding the carousel. 

The foodie in me is always up for trying something new. A few weeks back a colleague and I visited the Turnstyle Underground Market. Our main stop was Chick 'n Cone but we walked the entire market. Already looking forward to many more trips uptown! 

Are you team candle or essential oils? I currently have my essential oil diffuser going, but I saw these candles today, and as a good #MondayMotivation reminder I automatically was drawn to them. 

An Ice Coffee will always be my go-to when I get stressed or anxious right after I take a few deep breaths. California Cold Co opened a few months ago in Manalapan and has been my place to grab an Ice Coffee and do some writing. 

What is something that inspires or motivates you? 



  1. I love these photos. 😀🐩🎀

    1. Thank you so much! Love going down memory lane on my phone!


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