4 Hours in Waco, TX

At the end of February, my sister and I took a quick four day sister's trip to Texas. We spent two days in Austin, one night in San Antonio and a quick 4 hours in Waco, Texas. When visiting Waco, you can fly into Austin and drive about an hour or so north to Waco. We may have done the trip a little backwards, but it was fun and we got to cover so much ground. 

Luckily, we went not during peak season one and two we went during the week rather than on the weekend, when we heard crowds and waits could be up to 4 hours. That happens to be the exact time we spent having Brunch at Magnolia Table, exploring Magnolia Market, grabbing cupcakes at the Silos Baking Co, and visiting Little Shop on Bosque, the Warehouse shop. 

We arrived a little after 11:30 on a Tuesday at Magnolia Market, check in outside in the queue, and explored the area. There is an outdoor patio with a coffee stand, a separate entrance for the restroom and the Take Away + Market. Our wait time was quoted 30 minutes, but it was more like 20 which was a welcomed surprise as we were starving by the time we arrived. 

Serving breakfast and lunch, they specialize in fresh, homegrown ingredients and good old fashion cooking! The extensive menu has something for everyone from kiddos, to vegans as well anyone who has gluten intolerances. It was the last week of the winter menu when we visited; however with so much on the regular menu we didn't even try the other menu. 

We each started with a breakfast taco and followed by our main dish. Avocado Toast for my sister and Farm Eggs Benedict for myself. It was one of the only Benedict, I couldn't almost finish. If you've never had eggs Benedict on buttermilk biscuits then you are missing out. We also shared an order of the Housemade Tater Tots that were large and crispy. 

Next up we drove over to Magnolia Market and Silos Baking Co, before we visited the Little Shop on Bosque. There is ample street parking, as well a few lots around the area of the silos and some that charge a daily rate. When visiting the Silos you can grab a bite from the Food Trucks, visit the garden and treat yourself at the Silos Baking Co. 

When shopping in the market, be ready to spend hours just admiring everything from kitchen to living and then the clothing, oh my it draws you in. There is a to see, touch, and feel, just be extra careful. The associates were all super friendly, always offering to help out. We asked them to pull more sizes a few times from the back. Wander until your hearts desire or your stomach starts to growl. Walk a few feet over to Silos Baking Co for delicious cupcakes!

We packed up the car with our goodies and drove around looking at some of the Fixer Upper properties you can find here. Last stop on our Magnolia tour was Little Shop on Bosque, which is the warehouse shop. It was the original Magnolia Market. Here you will find slightly damaged and last chance discount items which, if you ask me are just as good, if not better as the items in Magnolia Market. Its very small so be prepared to wait to get inside, as well, be crammed if looking at the same items. There is parking right next to the shop as well. 

If you are going during the peak months, April- January know you may have longer waits. We went on a Tuesday in the middle of the afternoon in February which is not a popular time to visit. If you watch the show, have any investment in the company or love what Chip & Joanna created I would highly recommend visiting. 

Have you been to Magnolia Market or Table? Have you visited Waco, TX?



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