Moxy NYC Downtown

The Moxy NYC Downtown is located just steps away from the World Trade Center and right around the corner from the Fulton Street Station. With its innovative design, focusing on the guest rooms as well the communal space where guests and visitors can work and party all night long, this is bound to be the hottest new spot Downtown. This new 30-story, 298-key property has meticulously designed bedrooms, a retro-inspired bar and lounge, and a hip vibe.

This bold new hotel experience with it's quirky details is the perfect place for a mini staycation, a place to crash after a wild night out, or for a small bachelorette party! As someone who work in the hospitality industry and loves to travel, I am always on the lookout for a new place to check-out! After working Thanksgiving I decided to treat myself to an overnight staycation in New York City and the Moxy NYC Downtown caught my eye!

Arriving a little after 6pm I walk into the lobby, which is a small space with a tiny desk for check-in, which actually looked like coat-check. Once checked-in I was handed my keys along with a small disc, for Recreation where I would receive a complimentary "Got Moxy" cocktail. Recreation is a co-working and play space where "new-school cocktails and old-school arcade games collide."

Once upstairs and settled into my room, which a queen-size bed, I took all of less then 5 minutes to explore the room. With no closets, there are pegs on the call for your to hang stuff and a mini luggage rack you can remove to place your bag on. Below the TV was a mounted Table that could be pulled out, so that you can sit on the bed and eat something at the same time.

The swing in the corner was my absolute favorite as it was very relaxing. As I was on a lower floor I didn't have much of a view, but any view of NYC buildings is always nice. The view from the shower, on the other hand, was the TV! Yes, while taking a shower I was able to watch a cheesy Lifetime Christmas Movie! For a small room, the bathroom was spacious and didn't feel cramped at all.

I headed downstairs to the bar after freshening up for my drink along with some small bites. The bartenders were extremely friendly and chatty and I got to learn more about the area, since it is not one I frequent, even though I work in NYC. The bar menu offers artisanal cocktails and small bites such as chips and guac or fried chicken and waffles, which I ordered.

After a while I headed out to another bar in the area, The Alley Cat Amatuer Theatre tucked away in the cellar of the historic Beekman Hotel. The perfect place for a date night or girls night out!

While walking back to the hotel, I walked by the World Trade Center. Late at night, the quiet street, lights up and shines bright.

The next morning, the bar serves complimentary coffee and tea and they have a small breakfast menu, as well a few items to purchase from the shop in the far corner. As a table for one I  order an Avocado Toast, grab an ice coffee and start to write. With outlets everywhere, since it is also a co-working space there is ample place to plug in and write!

A less then 16 hour staycation was exactly what I need to refuel my passion for writing and photography. It also reminded me to slow down and practice self-care this holiday season.

Have you ever taken a staycation? If so, where?



  1. I LOVE the Moxy! I went to a brunch there last year and need to go back. Great article!

    1. OMG Brunch right now sounds great! Thanks for the kind words!


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