Top 5 Places to Take Photos in NYC

It's true, you could totally take a photo on every street corner in New York City and it would be different and beautiful and powerful. What makes the city even more lovable are all the great places you could take photos. I love finding a new brownstone, exploring a city park, and finishing my day near water that surrounds this amazing city I call home. 

First up, Central Park. 

Some great spots include the following; Bethesda Fountain, the reservoir, Bow Bridge, and the boathouse. It is gorgeous all year round, but especially beautiful in the spring and fall. 

Bryant Park

Home to the New York Public Library you have the lawn during the spring & summer and then in the winter it is home to an Ice Skating Rink and Christmas Tree. 

We can't leave out the Brooklyn Bridge. 

One of the oldest bridges in the United States and the most classic symbol of NYC this beauty deserves to be seen early in the AM before the crowds. For amazing views of the skyline be sure to walk the entire span of the bridge!

Bet you never knew there were cobblestone streets in New York City. Stone Street is home to hip bars, delicious restaurants, and great outdoor seating in the summer! 

The Oculus, home to the World Trade Center Transit Hub was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Such a breathtaking sight, and one of the most instagrammable places in NYC. 



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