Let's Talk.....Weekend Eats

I am ending my Sunday night with a glass of Moscato and some S'mores. How was your weekend? 

This weekend was filled with great food, family time, beer pong, and finally a day at the beach. 

Friday night my Aunt, Sister, and I headed down to Belmar for dinner at 10th Ave Burrito Company! The original plan was to eat on the outdoor patio; however it was extremely hot even at 7:15pm when we arrived so we landed up eating indoors. This was my first time and my sister promised all the meals she had were delicious. I knew going in that I would choose taco's but wasn't sure exactly what I was in the mood for. We started off with the obvious, beer and chips and guacamole. The chips are look like large pita chips and are seriously delicious. 

Chips and Guac! 
My sister ordered a Grilled Chicken Burrito while my aunt went with a Blackened Shrimp Burrito. Then it was my turn, and even in the last seconds I was still between two entrees. In the heat of the moment I went with the Grilled Shrimp Tacos and it was the best decision. 3 tacos filled with guacamole, cheese, pico de gallo, and three shrimp covered in sour cream, what could be wrong. I landed up taking two home since I knew there would be Ice Cream in my near future. 

Grilled Shrimp Tacos

After dinner I asked my sister if she would drive down main street because I wanted to find a restaurant that had a unique tree outside. The only problem was I didn't have a name of the restaurant or what beach community it was located in. So for the next 40 minutes we drove around aimlessly until we found Giamanos Restaurant in Bradley Beach. As for the tree outside:

Wine Bottle Tree

With our mini adventure out of the way it was time to head to Hoffman's in Point Pleasant Beach. Another new place I would be trying. Have you ever had to take a number like at the deli counter for Ice Cream? I wish I would have taken a photo. Next time, because you bet there will be a next time. So many flavors to choose from. 

Chocolate Chocolate Chip  + S'mores = Heaven 
And with that we called it a night and headed home. Saturday I worked at the yoga studio in the morning then headed to a friends house for some Beer Pong with a side of swimming! 

And today was spent roasting on the beach. I absolutely love living so close to the Jersey Shore and spending weekends there with my Aunt is always fun. Today was more crowded then in the past but with the heat reaching nearly 97 degrees I wasn't surprised. 

Avon Beach, NJ
How was your weekend?



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