What's Your Excuse?

Happy Friday!

Even with a short week it felt longer then usual. Tomorrow is 6 years since my mother lost her battle with cancer and passed away. We remember her as a spunky red head, a vibrant outgoing yenta, a fighter, and most importantly as a mother, daughter, wife, sister and friend. She has made an impact on so many people in her short 50 years here on earth. I on the other hand feel like I have made more excuses in the past 29 years and especially since she passed. It's time for a change, one that I will stick with. They won't happen over night, but if I take it slow and one step at a time I believe I can throw aways all the excuses and work on myself to be a better person, like the person my mother raised me to be. 

Maybe it's the emotions of tomorrow or just the overall feeling of being drained while reading Ali's post "No Excuses- Play Like A Champion" I lost it and cried. Random emotions mean breakthroughs sometimes. Here is to hoping between the blog post and watching Strong last night I can actually stop with the excuses and start living fully! 

So here are my goals, excuses, and changes:

Goal: Cook more healthy meals. ( Worked with nutritionist last year to get stomach under control and it worked. Learned foods my body will accept. Lost 30 pounds, gained 24 back)
Excuses: Again, working a part time gig while job searching and attempting to pay bills just feels like enough I don't want to spend money or time in the kitchen.
Changes: Found easy and healthy recipes my mom clipped but never made. Going to make them for "her." Make grocery list and plan meals. 

Goal: Exercise routine that lasts more then 2 weeks. Find what I enjoy and stick with it. 
Excuses: There is no good excuse other then I am lazy. When I am not working part time at the yoga studio I am applying for jobs. ( Sitting in Starbucks, browsing the internet, submitting app here and there and just being lazy) It's time to stop feeling sorry for myself and motivate myself. I am only as strong and motivated as I believe I am. 
Changes: Where gym clothes to work and go straight to gym after work on days that I open. On days that I close I will go to the gym in the morning. ( Working on waking up same time each day)

Goals: Strengthen friendships. 
Excuses: A legit excuse is not having the money to go out and actually get into the city. However there are plenty of activities we can do with little money. Texting isn't the same as face to face conversations. The phone works both ways yet I always seem to be the one making the first move.
Changes: Stop "ghosting" and work on texting/calling twice a month out of town friends. Saying yes to more invitations. 

 These are just a few excuses I am going to start working on. So I ask you........



  1. I love how you structured this post, with goals, excuses. And I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. <3


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