Happy Tuesday!

Did you know that today is #InternationalYogaDay? Let's be honest, the one main reason I knew is because I have been working as a receptionist/social media coordinator at a local yoga studio in Central New Jersey.

I am the first to admit that I am far from flexible and my coordination and balance is extremely poor. When you start something that usually is the case. You work to build that and continue to grow everyday. In the past month I can tell you I have grown and in honor of International Yoga Day I am going to share a few tips that have helped me.

1) It's Your Practice - The first time I heard that I let it go in one ear and out the other, but as I took more and more classes I realized it didn't matter who else was in the room. You get what you want out of each and every class, only if you believe that. In the beginning it was hard because I would look around and think, I don't belong here. When I started to believe it I saw such a difference. Make the best of your practice!

2) Modifications - I don't quit. I don't steer off course. If I am assigned a project I complete it. What I learned about modifications are they are necessary so you don't hurt yourself, they are not excuses to do an easier pose. Every instructor I've had informed me how important modifications are and how they can help you down the road. "I don't want down the road, I want right now" is the wrong attitude to have in yoga.

3) Breathe - Did you know you could transform your practice with better breathing techniques. There a few different ones. I learned this in my first class; when bending forward exhale and when lifting or opening chest inhale. For many that my be common sense, but again I was a true beginner when I took this job.

4) Relaxation/Meditation - It is key for me as a beginner to balance my postures with relaxation and meditation. Most instructors include this in their class; however if they don't be sure to add it your practice. That full sense of well-being is a combination of physical yoga and mental centering.

5) Practice Journal - This is just something I am going to start doing in July. I think this will help me to see my growth not only visually but also down on paper.

If you practice yoga, what are some of your tips?



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