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New Beginnings

 My last post was December 16, 2020. The world had been facing a global pandemic which started two years ago. Today we are out of the height of it; however we are only slowly starting to resume what was once normal activity; thus facing our new normal.  Speaking of new normal and from the title of this post, 2022 has been off to a stellar start with a new job that brings me joy and wonderfully normal hours and a new place to live. I moved home from Florida Nov 2014 and was sure it would be temporary. Boy was I wrong. 8 years later and I have finally moved into my own place in Brooklyn. I lived in NYC on the Upper East Side in 2010 for two years and loved city living which brings me to why I chose to move now to Brooklyn, a new adventure! From Brunch to Museums, Parks to Broadway Shows I am excited to take it all in again.  Turning 35 this year, single, living in the greatest city in the world I am ready for my next chapter.  I am looking forward to writing again and sharing all about b

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