20 Travel Goals in 2020

We are headed straight not only into a new year, but a new decade. It is crazy to think back about the last 10 years. There have been some amazing highs and at the same time some of the darkest lows, including losing my mother to cancer. Everyone tells you with time it will be OK, it may be easier, but I have not yet felt that. With all that has happened I am excited to head into 2020 with some big goals that I hope to accomplish. 

"Happiness is a mood, not a destination." 
With that quote engraved in my brain, here is my list for 20 Travel Goals in 2020!

1. Take a trip to a place I went as a child, now as an adult. 
Can you remember some of those early trips you took as a child? I was recently speaking with a family member, who reminded me about a family trip we took to San Diego. I don't remember a moment of it. I saw some photos, but still not one memory from that trip. On that trip we went to the zoo, ate tacos off food trucks, and visited the beach. All things I plan to do again, this time as an adult! Drop your recommendations in the comments for San Diego!

2. Take a drive to nowhere and see where I land up. Road Trips are the perfect escape from everyday life. You don't need a plan. Just a car, some gas money and an open mind. In the past I have gone to Hudson, NY, The Berkshires, and Maine. This time around I am thinking of going West or South. 

3. Plan a solo trip to Australia for January 2021. 
Start by putting money aside for the trip. Do all the research in reading blogs. Book everything in 2020 since it will be the very beginning of 2021 that I want to visit, as I want to see the Australian Open. 

4. Apply for Global Entry 

5. Take more long weekend trips.
As someone who doesn't work a conventional 9-5 job, as I work in the hospitality industry I want to combine my two days each week off more and travel that way. Work life balance and the flexibility is very important. 

6. Visit one new place a month. 
You don't have to visit another state, country or continent for this. Visit places in your own backyard that you have yet to explore. Living in New Jersey there are so many local places I have to visit such as Cape May, Long Beach Island and so forth. I look forward to exploring more in my backyard. 

7. Send a postcard from a new destination to a family member. 

8. Go somewhere because of a flight deal
Seriously there are so many great deals out there and we are missing out, by not taking advantage. Where would you go? Share in the comments. 

9. See more of my own country. 
I have lived in the Northeast most of my life. I did a short stint in Florida. I have visited family in California. Traveled for work to major cities, but have yet to explore the middle of America and so many other beautiful places in my own country. 

10. Visit at least 4 National Parks. 
Did you know there are 61 beautiful National Parks in the US? Seeing all of them would be amazing, but I am going to start small. What are some of your favorites? Share them in the comments!

11. Attend The New York Times Travel Show and Women's Travel Fest- Both in NYC!

12. Keep up my adventurous streak.
This means doing something that pushes me outside my comfort zone. 

13. Complete more hikes. 
After going on a hike in The Berkshires, I want to hike more especially in upstate New York, starting in the spring! 

14. Yearly Sisters Trip
This past year, we went to Austin, San Antonio and a stop in Waco. I want to make that a yearly event as we grow older and spend less time together. 

15. Earn more points on my credit card and educate myself on how it works. 

16. Find more murals 
I love joining #StreetArtChat on Twitter on Monday nights. Finding new murals is always a fun way to explore anew city. Check out Austin, New York City & Asbury Park

17. Spa Retreat

18. Take a Beach Vacation.
Spend 3-4 days laying on a beach, reading books, and completely disconnecting in the middle of January or February when it is brutally cold in the Northeast sounds perfect. 

19. Look into Voluntourism.
I took a class in college before it was popular. Time to look into it and see where my strengths can be utilized. 

20. Take a solo trip- Abroad
I have done a lot of work trips with extensions, local solo road trips and visiting family. I am ready for more of an abroad adventure. Canada or London are my first choices. Will see where I land up! 

Now it is your turn. What is one of your travel goals in 2020?



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