When Mother's Day is Hard

Gift guides, advertisements, and social media are flooded this time of the year for Mother's Day, and for some people it will make them cringe, including myself. Whether your lost your mother, have a strained relationship, or trying to become a mother, this holiday can eat you up, if you allow it too. I recommend staying away from social media; especially Facebook & Instagram on Mother's Day and practice self-care.

Bronx Zoo

When my mother passed away back in 2010 I remember saying, she didn't get to travel as much as she would have liked, so my one goal will be to travel for both her and myself. Whether it was international or domestic, by plane or by car that I would get out and explore the world. She would be with me every step of the way.

I have since traveled to Spain, the Caribbean, California, and Chicago and with every trip I smile thinking how she would have enjoyed these wonderful destinations. There are so many more places I want to visit and I will. It sucks, she isn't here to experience these trips with me or my family, but I am grateful for the many family trips we took when I was younger.

Martha's Vineyard

If Mother's Day is tough for you too, whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever your circumstances may be, know that you are not alone.



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