A "Turning Point"

2017, you have been a year filled with ups and downs, laughs and cries, and a whole lot of uncertainty. However, I can say December you turned it all around and with a Hanukkah Miracle I can say I am fully looking forward to 2018 and all of the exciting opportunities that may come my way.

This turning point could not have come at a better time, the holiday season, one that I sometimes struggle with as my mother is not here in person to celebrate. I know she is always with me, watching over and I truly believe she had a small part in the new adventure I am on.

Last week my sister, her boyfriend and I headed out to breakfast at a local favorite restaurant, Turning Point before spending the day shopping for our Ugly Sweater Friendsgiving. Since it was a Friday we were seated right away, whereas on the weekends you can wait up to 2+ hours for a table. As a creature of habit, I usually order the same things, Eggs Benedict; however this time I switched things up and ordered the Nutella Dream, a special on their menu!

Does that not look delicious. Each bite had a mix of chocolate, fruit and syrup and I devoured my dish in record time of 12 minutes! First, I was hungry and second every dish is fresh and delicious. There are a few locations throughout  New Jersey and Pennsylvania,  and I highly recommend checking it out. One of my other favorite locations is Long Branch at Pier Village! In the summer you can have extended wait times, so be prepared!

I am ready for 2018. Who else is with me? 



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